Depending upon the personal preferences, the designs for wood fences might vary. One may get confused as to which design will be best suited for your home’s exterior. There are various designs provided by top-notch companies alike Melissa Tx Roofing Pro from which you can easily choose from.

Nonetheless, on an individual basis, here are a few possible fencing options you can go for:

  • Open slate - In this type of wooden fencing, the boards are bound together using larger dimension lumber. The boards are secured top, bottom, and middle. Sometimes, the space planks close together for a privacy slat fence.
  • Vertical board - These are the most popular design and easiest to construct. Just a few nails to put the boards vertically in line and you’re ready with your vertical board fence. Another benefit of this fencing is its easy repairs. You may look out for Melissa Fence Repair for professional help.
  • Louver-style - The best thing about Louver style fencing is the privacy it offers. In addition to this, it offers excellent ventilation and an exceptionally beautiful selection. The Louver-style fencing usually consists of 1x6 or 1x8 boards. These are angled and somewhat overlaid. The amount of privacy depends on the level of angle. Higher the angle, the more the privacy it has to offer.
  • Grid pattern - Grid pattern is another inexpensive and durable option. In this pattern the vertical and horizontal stripes are bound together, thus making a strong grid pattern.
  • Notched lattice - Notched lattice can be easily prepared by buying either readymade lattice panels or by purchasing the notched strips to create the lattice design or (the best) you can notch the strips yourself.
  • Garden type lattice - Garden type lattice is an inexpensive choice for someone who wished to get the work done in a low budget. Growing vines on these fences are a great way to enhance privacy and add to the charm of your garden. You may also go for a combination of latticework and brick thereby creating a stunning fence.
  • Basketweave - These are usually available in readymade options. You may check out some in Melissa Fence company. Surprisingly, they also sell vertically grooved posts in which the panels can be fitted.

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